Save the Planet

This Website, sponsored by The Astronomy Roadshow Planetarium, is dedicated to practical methods anybody can adopt to help save our environment & lifestyle. Even this website has been written on a solar powered computer.

This site is new; around 70% complete. It is aimed at school pupils and adults. Much information is already available on how serious environmental issues are and other threats to our lifestyle, but little on how to realistically solve them.

Alerts; Britain may suffer power blackouts from 2015 as predicted by the author of this site in 1985; exactly to the year. This was based on population growth, power demand, and aging fleet of power stations.. No extra capacity for 30 years. At any one time we are now within 14 days of becoming a third world country.

On June 3 2014, Russia plans to reduce the gas supply to Ukraine - and hence, to Europe - if Kiev has failed to pay in advance for next month's gas deliveries, the price for which has been doubled as a result of the political crisis.

Alterations with the climate, reduction of species on land, in the air and in the seas, general pollution etc are all impacting our planet in a very negative way. We are creating the biggest mass extinction since the Dinosaurs were wiped out by that troublesome asteroid. If the ocean currents alter too, the mass extinction would be even worse.

Some solutions are expensive; individuals, companies and now whole countries don't have much spare borrowed cash for projects to solve these issues. There is a way out to avoid total breakdown, but it does need a total change in attitudes & outlook. We hope this website will help portray a few solutions perhaps not mentioned on other sites and fully welcome feedback & ideas to expand it.

These ideas here are generally aimed at the UK, but versions of suggested projects and the general outlook can be adapted worldwide. Many say we shouldn't bother if China isn't or we can do this or that if the USA does. Time is ticking along, climate change is accelerating, countries are getting poorer. This kind of outlook is pointless, but by making changes at home, saving money in the mean time, will demonstrate what can be done. Some people need to set an example for others to follow rather than wait around. A revolution in our way of thinking & acting is required.  If enough of us act and shout about such actions, it may make a difference.

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      We are just publishing a few examples of how a new look at the way we live can reduce our impact on the planet as well as enjoying a more productive life with fewer worries. We were not born to be slaves earning a living, or to be obsessed with material possesions at the expense of other people or the natural world around us. The Earth does have a lot of resources, but is very finite in size; providing for over 7 Billion of us is rapidly reaching a breaking point. China burns 300 million tons of coal per month as an example. The world's financial system is over burdened with unjustified credit, whole countries are going bust, the oceans are over fished, and the air over polluted. Without us moving away from this tipping point soon will cause a serious collapse of the foundations we base our civilisation.

So this isn't just about saving the planet, it's also about saving our lifestyle!